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  • Banjo Scare

    Just learn to play the banjo well enough to crank out some of the scariest songs. Get pickin’ on Deliverance and most perps will bail like crazy after they hear the first dada daa da da da dadada. As an alternative to Appalachian phobia tatctic you could also use it as a good swinging axe […]

    Banjo Scare
  • Blob Shooter

    Rifle that shoots a rather large blob of sticky goo to entrap villain inside. similar to a net projectile but this would wrap the person in an outrageous sticky film which would make it impossible to run or even move, once they are wrapped up inside of this big blob of goo. Post your thoughts […]

    Blob Shooter
  • Outlaw Weapons of War

    Outlaw weapons of war may not sound like an _alternative_ to guns, but, it might really be an alternative to stopping gun violence in public places. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a military grade weapon to protect your self from giant cocaine enhanced angry bears then this _might_ be a […]

    Outlaw Weapons of War
  • Ownership Notice Levels

    It may help to have a small sticker or signage on a gun owner’s front door that displays the fact that the y own a gun and even describes what level of trigger-attitude the person(s) in the house have. This would help anyone who might approach the house, have a better idea of what to […]

    Ownership Notice Levels
  • Price Bullets More Than Gas Even

    Determent is a great factor in firearms misuse. People use firearms like they were available at the corner drug store. If we would set the price—or the taxation—of bullets to be such a high cost to purchase theme, then less people would want to go around shooting multiple shots so willingly. Not to say that […]

    Price Bullets More Than Gas Even
  • Well Trained Dog

    Can’t beat a well trained dog to protect your family.

    Well Trained Dog