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  • Ownership Notice Levels

    It may help to have a small sticker or signage on a gun owner’s front door that displays the fact that the y own a gun and even describes what level of trigger-attitude the person(s) in the house have. This would help anyone who might approach the house, have a better idea of what to […]

    Ownership Notice Levels
  • Require liability insurance on all guns

    This might even help to justify how much one pays for insurance; similar to how you pay for car insurance, based on your record and driving safety. Most car rental businesses will not rent a car out to people who are 21 or younger than; there are some rental services that you must be 25 […]

    Require liability insurance on all guns
  • Self Defense Training

    There are tons of martial arts and other self defense courses out there. Some counties actually give classes in grade schools and higher education. Some of those countries utilize the training from a young age and this helps the person grow to respect the human body and know more about how it can stay healthy […]

    Self Defense Training