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  • Banjo Scare

    Just learn to play the banjo well enough to crank out some of the scariest songs. Get pickin’ on Deliverance and most perps will bail like crazy after they hear the first dada daa da da da dadada. As an alternative to Appalachian phobia tatctic you could also use it as a good swinging axe […]

    Banjo Scare
  • Bola Slingshooter

    Maybe a weapon that would project a bola sling forward, towards target, at a high enough speed and with the correct projection so that it would wrap around the target in a manner that would tie up the target. Shooter could be powered by CO2 or elastic band that is easy to load. Maybe similar […]

    Bola Slingshooter
  • Legal Tasers

    energy weapons, but what they are is an alternative to a firearm or a way to reduce your firearm use. You can take the TASER Pulse or Bolt 2 to more places and use them with fewer consequences while helping to make the bullet obsolete. Non-Lethal Stopping Power  

    Legal Tasers
  • Self Defense Training

    There are tons of martial arts and other self defense courses out there. Some counties actually give classes in grade schools and higher education. Some of those countries utilize the training from a young age and this helps the person grow to respect the human body and know more about how it can stay healthy […]

    Self Defense Training