Price Bullets More Than Gas Even

Determent is a great factor in firearms misuse. People use firearms like they were available at the corner drug store. If we would set the price—or the taxation—of bullets to be such a high cost to purchase theme, then less people would want to go around shooting multiple shots so willingly.

Not to say that this would make bullets cost so much that only rich people could have hundreds of rounds available to shoot. But it is safe to say that most of the people who would _want_ to buy hundreds of bullets to arm themselves with, would have to be rich. It just says that the firing of a bullet should have a sky high premium on it so that anyone would be hesitant to use a gun for causing mass damage with due to the low price of bullets.

Just think; if a bullet cost ten dollars for a single bullet then you could have a dealer sell you maybe a hundred bullets for 8.50 each. And then the dealer could offer you the price of a gun for a bit cheaper than its list price but then throw in 20 bullets for free. So the juxtaposing of the math may get taken advantage of but it would surely stop someone who got an assult rifle for free or under $100 from being able to fire multiple rounds; when and if the bullets were $18.00 a piece… or more.

The deadlier a weapon, the hire the price of bullets should be.

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