Require liability insurance on all guns

This might even help to justify how much one pays for insurance; similar to how you pay for car insurance, based on your record and driving safety. Most car rental businesses will not rent a car out to people who are 21 or younger than; there are some rental services that you must be 25 years of age to rent a vehicle. This is well known for the age of a driver makes a big difference. Just a guess, but I’m thinking the age has to do with driving experience and more responsibility factors inscribed into an adult’s brain synapses once they reach an age of maturity.

Not saying age is everything when it comes to gun safety but, it certainly would be part of requirements for purchasing insurance for gun ownership. Maybe even have bonus points for those who have taken certified training. NRA could make lots of money by furnishing these National Training facilities and sponsoring the classes. That to me seems like what the NRA is supposed to be doing.


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  • On Twitter Marina Navratiova said: Since Ted Cruz and Gov Abbott both claim this is a mental problem not a gun problem, it stands to reason that guys with Swastika tattoos are mentally ill and should not be allowed to buy guns. Or am I missing something?

  • Yes but, wouldn’t getting insurance require the gun to be “registered” or have someway of knowing who is responsible, other than the serial number of the weapon.