Vote Like it Matters

Want to help prevent mass shootings? Stop voting for people who are paid to support the NRA. Sounds simple but it is by far one of the best solutions to gun violence in America. Most people think the NRA is an honest organization. The real truth is they don’t care about anything—including human life—other than making money by selling more guns. Especially the type of guns (rifles) that cost a lot of money and are designed to shoot multiple rounds of fatal bullets every second.

It seems OK to promote sales of any product. But when you pay a Congress person who is responsible (more or less) for your public safety; we begin to wonder why the NRA is allowed to influence any voting machines.


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  • There have been 15 American mass shootings in the first eight days of May, bringing 2023’s total to 202.

    January: 52
    February: 40
    March: 39
    April: 56
    May: 15

    There were 180 mass shootings by this date last year.

  • Maybe we should just leave the flag at half staff. It would be easier than having to lower it after every mass shooting.